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Fourth Year


Psychopathology III:
This course will cover psychoanalytic perspectives on narcissistic personality, perversions, gender identity and psychotic states.

Continuous Case Seminar IV and V:
These courses are substantially the same as the courses given in the third year, although cases of greater complexity and cases presenting special challenges may be chosen for presentation. On occasion, a borderline patient may serve as the focus for discussion of the indications for and methods of employing technical modifications.

Psychoanalytic Theory II:
This second consideration of theory focuses on the way in which theory is conceptualized by different psychoanalytic traditions. Whereas the first seminar dealt with fundamental theoretical questions from the perspective of ego psychology, the second seminar deals with these issues from the perspective of comparative theory. Self psychology, object relations and relational approaches will be studied and used as multiple vantage points for evaluating the usefulness of particular theoretical ideas.

Psychoanalytic Writing I:
This course in an introduction to clinical psychoanalytic writing. Over the length of the course, candidates will write up one case preparing a brief segment of work for discussion in each class. A model of reporting will be used that places detailed accounts of process within the context of the analysis as a whole. Topics relevant to clinical writing such as process notes, disguise, confidentiality and the ethics of clinical reporting will be discussed. The course will also address issues in writing the graduation essay, the application for certification and articles for publication.