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Masters in Developmental Neuroscience and Psychoanalysis

Linda Mayes, M.D.

The Yale Child Study Center and Yale Medical School is proud to introduce the new Masters of Science program in Psychodynamic Developmental Neuroscience in collaboration with University College London and The Anna Freud Centre.

The two year program in Masters of Science is awarded by the University College London. The first year takes place at the Anna Freud Centre in Hampstead, London while the second year takes place at the Yale Child Study Center in New Haven, Connecticut.

This program has developed from the historical collaboration between the Anna Freud Centre and the Yale Child Study Center spanning many decades of joint scholarly work and enterprise. This partnership began when Anna Freud collaborated with Dr. Albert Solnit of the Child Study Center to explore the approach and treatment of children in the legal system. Today, the Yale Child Study Center provides expertise in clinical developmental neuroscience and the Anna Freud Centre provides corresponding expertise in developmental psychoanalytic psychology.

As two major universities with an international reputation collaborate in both neuroscience and psychoanalysis, this new Master’s program aims to deliver an innovative interdisciplinary experience with a focus on research.

Candidates for this master’s degree are recruited internationally. We seek students from diverse backgrounds with an interest in interdisciplinary empirical research. We invite applications from candidates with undergraduate degrees in cognitive neuroscience and psychology, but are also open to applications from candidates from other fields who have a special interest in the relation between psychoanalysis and other disciplines.

We invite applications from students with a strong academic background in:

■Computational Science and Related Disciplines

The Master’s program serves to place students on track to apply for doctoral research (PhD) programs. In addition, due to the program’s focus on developmental psychopathology, it can be a useful precursor to further clinical training.