Sybil Houlding, M.S.W.


129 Church St. Suite 308
New Haven, CT 06510
Tel: 203.495.9378

I am a clinical social worker with a practice in psychoanalysis, psychotherapy and couples and family treatment.  I am on the Faculty of the Western New England Institute of Psychoanalysis.  My training in early childhood education informs my understanding of the power of early experience in shaping our lives.

I work with individuals suffering from depression and anxiety, and those responding to current life changes such as childbirth, marriage, or divorce.  

I help patients whose lives have become blocked in either work or relationships. My goal is to help individuals make contact with the inner world in a meaningful way.  This often involves mourning an earlier, sometimes unrecognized, loss. Initial consultation will help us decide together the most appropriate form of treatment.