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Regarding Adult Treatment
Rosemary H. Balsam, M.D.
Director and Chair
Regarding Child & Adolescent Treatment
Eric Millman, M.D. 
Associate Chair, Child Psychoanalysis


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The Psychoanalytic Clinic                                 

The Child and Adolescent Psychoanalytic Clinic 

  Application Form For Psychoanalytic Treatment (pdf)

Eric Millman, M.D.
Director and Chair, Adult

The Psychoanalytic Clinic of the Institute is an out-patient clinic offering affordable psychoanalytic treament to individuals in the Western New England region for whom psychoanalysis is the treatment of choice. Fees are determined by the patient's ability to pay. The psychoanalyses are conducted by candidates of the Institute qualified to practice psychoanalysis under the supervision of a senior member* of the Institute. The analyses take place in the candidates' private offices mainly in New Haven Connecticut, with some availability in other parts of Connecticut and Western Massachusetts.

Since the number of patients the Clinic can accept is very small, the intake process is necessarily highly selective. When possible, the Clinic would like a written referral from a qualified professional. Persons seeking analysis through the Clinic may obtain an application form from the institute by downloading (pdf), calling (203.562.2103), writing (255 Bradley Street, New Haven, CT, 06510).  

Applying for Treatment

For Adult:

  • Download the application , or request that one be sent or faxed to you by calling The Western New England Institute for Psychoanalysis at 203.562.2103 
  • Fill out the application. Please answer all questions. If you would like to use more space, please attach an extra sheet.
  • Return the completed application to the Institute via mail or drop it off.
    Mail to:
    The Administrator
    The Psychoanalytic Clinic
    255 Bradley Street
    New Haven, CT 06510
  • Include a check for the $20 application fee with your application.

For Adults:
Please contact Eric Millman, M.D. directly with any questions.  Tel: 203.865.1390

For Children and Adolescents:
Please contact Eric Millman, M.D. directly with any questions.  Tel: 203.865.1390

Please click 
Child and Adolescent for more information about children and adolescents.

The Psychoanalytic Clinic 

Eric Millman, M.D.
Director and Chair

Eric Millman, M.D.
Associate Director, Child Analysis

Susan Bers, Ph.D.
Associate Director of Research

Debra Boltas, Ph.D.
Associate Director of Clinic Operations


Clinic Committee Members:

Rosemary Balsam, M.D.

Eileen Becker-Dunn, M.S.W.

Sybil Houlding, M.S.W.

Fred Koerner, Ph.D.

Barbara Marcus, Ph.D.

Lisa Marcus, PhD

Nancy Olson, M.D.

Joan Poll, M.D.

Paul Schwaber, PhD



*Supervising Analysts

Lawrence Levenson, MD

Sidney Phillips, MD

Eric Millman, MD

Kay Long, PhD

Barbara Marcus, PhD

Elizabeth Brett, PhD

Jack Miller, MD

Oscar Hills, MD

Kirsten Dahl, PhD

Rosemary Balsam, MD