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Third Year


Psychopathology II:
This course will cover psychoanalytic perspectives on the obsessive neuroses and personality disorders, depression and mood disorders, anxiety and post-traumatic disorders and borderline personality disorders.

Continuous Case Seminar II and III:
Psychoanalytic cases will be presented by students in one and one-half hour sessions at weekly intervals. The purpose is to provide group discussion of the detailed clinical problems arising in intensively followed cases.

Continuous Child Case:
This seminar examines psychoanalytic technique as it is adapted to the developmental level and needs of the child. Basic technique principles regarding transference, resistance and defense are discussed.

Technique II:
This is a continuation of the course begun in the first year. Seminar discussions will deal with the later phases in a psychoanalytic treatment in their theoretical and practical aspects – the development of the transference neurosis, possible problems of counter-transference, modifications of classical technique and their indications, the theory of curative action of psychoanalysis, techniques of interpretation, the later phases and termination of treatment, etc. Relevant literature will be assigned.